Classes are offered in all disciplines of dance from Beginner to Advanced levels. It is highly recommended that once students reach Beginner / Junior level that they participate in a minimum of two classes per week, one of which should be Ballet, in order to maintain and advance in that level.

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Parents & Tots:This class is offered to toddlers aged 18months to 3yrs. All movement and dance is based on concrete ideas that children can relate to, and the class incorporates props that will capture the child’s imagination with the security of their parents assistance.

Pre-Ballet/Jazz:Got a mover or shaker in the family? Pre-Ballet/Jazz has been designed for dancers aged 3 to 5yrs of age.

Ballet:Ballet is offered to all dancers from Beginner to Advanced and Adult levels. These classes develop poise, grace, correct body placement, and alignment.

Tap:For those loving the sound of a beat and want to feel the movement through their feet, tap is for you. This class assists in the development of coordination, concentration, rhythm and speed.

Contemporary:This class is primarily offered to students who have reached the Beginner/Juniour level of ballet training. These classes are developed to promote flexibility and strength of the body, as well as techniques.

Jazz:From Beginners to Advanced and Adult levels, these classes are fast paced, energetic, and full of technique to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. Dancers are exposed to various styles of jazz using commercial music to inspire and motivate dancers.

Hiphop:The hiphop class at A2D provides a broad overview of popping, locking, tracing, breaking, bboy moves and many more styles. Hiphop gives students the ability to express themselves with movements they can mould, allowing them to create and develop their own style.

Acrobatics:Always finding yourself upside down, and on your hands instead of your feet? Acro may just be the answer. This class assists in the student’s flexibility and coordination as well as allows the student to develop in the world of tumbling!

Musical Theatre:This class is open to students of all ages and all levels who possess the passion to sing, act and dance on stage. Our musical theatre class combines music, song and dance, but is not for the faint-hearted. This upbeat class will be an extreme workout for anyone who enjoys music from the likes of Chicago, Hairspray, Westside Story, etc.

Stretch & Technique:A technical class focusing on stability, alignment, strength and flexibility. You will work on turns, kicks, jumps etc. This class does not involve concert work.

BOYS CLASSES: We currently offer BOYS ONLY classes in Junior Tap and HipHop! In case your budding dancer is too show to jump in amongst the masses of girls, he can jump in an all macho, all male class!

CHEER: The stunts, jumps, chants and cheers give your little one a healthy first step towards an active lifestyle. Your little cheer will learn teamwork, trust and cooperation. Watch their skills, balance and confidence grow.